Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Vblog#42: NOTHING'S GONNA CHANGE MY LOVE FOR YOU .... Rockwills Malaysia Will Writing Malaysia Estate Planning

VBlog#42: NOTHING'S GONNA CHANGE MY LOVE FOR YOU.. Malaysia Will Writing & Online Rockwills Estate Planning Professional Blog - aug 5 , 2010

Evanna Video Blogs during her Karaoke Session (p.s. : she is not a good singer, she just love to sing, please forgive her if it hurts your ear)

In MalaysiaWIlls (via Rockwills). Are You aware that We can nominate our FIANC√ČE in the WILL ?

So, how do you show your love? WIth your heart or with a black & white.

PS: Pre-nuptial agreement among spouse is not accepted in Malaysia Law. If Tom Cruiise is a Malaysian, I bet Katie Holnmes will be delighted in case a divorce happens.

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