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VBlog#40: Where the ACTION is ... Islamic Legal Department. Rockwills Malaysia Will Writing Malaysia Estate Planning

VBlog #40: Malaysia WIll Writing Agent and Rockwills Professional Estate Planning Agent Video Blog #40- August 2, 2010

Evanna video blogs on this never seen before backstage where all the "ACTION" happens -- our ISLAMIC Legal Department. Together with her is Pn. Amna (Head of Islamic Legal Departmant and Documentation)

Q1: Job function & Process of Online Will
A1: We take in document submission (from MalaysiaWills Online), we vet thru & proposed suitable solution & recommendation to be discussed withour clients,
then if client agrees, we will proceed on with drafting the WILL after collecting either full payment or deposit.

Q2: What is the qualification of legal advisor/lawyer in your team ?
A2: So far, we have 6 and we are expanding our pool of legal advisors. All of them are degree holder, comply with Syariah and All legally trained professional

Added Notes: What we are providing customer is a complete estate planning solution. Therefore, MalaysiaWills do not swallow in whatever instructions that client give us. We will take in the neccessary data and process with our team of legal advisors. And come out with suitable recommendations.

Reason ? We do not want to short change our customer without giving any proper advice, If we do, the problem wont arise now, but will arise later.

P.S However, till the end is our customer's choice whether to follow all our advice or not, but at our end, we had already educate and informed our clients all they need to do for a 100% bullet proof estate planning solution.

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