Thursday, July 1, 2010

Vblog #22 Malaysia Will Writing & Estate Planning Blog: Thank You for those who commented on WILL WRITING Introduction

VBlog #22: Malaysia WIll Writing Agent and Rockwills Professional Estate Planning Agent Video Blog #22- July 2, 2010

Evanna sends out Video thanking her supporters or commentators after publishing her Free Educational Video Clip on Will writing (English Version). Will Writing does not require a lot of legal knowledge, however, a lot of PERSONAL decision is involved. She doesn't encourage the "fearful" approach, instead, she encourage a fun and enjoyable approach because customer is
able to plan and know that they are in control of their assets and in control of their family's destiny.

Will writing is done when you have acknowledge the problem (Death is a Certainty in Life), face the problem(It will happen one day, just don't know when) , try to resolve the problem(planning a Will), and move on with your life with a sense of security and confidence knowing that your family and loved ones are well protected in the event of death.

There's a saying In chinese, "面对,处理, 放下它"

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