Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Evanna Highly Recommends Kuala Lumpur Pavillion for Family Christmas Celebration

Kuala Lumpur Pavillion for Family Christmas Celebration - Updated on 17 Dec 2010

Family is our biggest Asset. in year 2010, Evanna highly recommends Kuala Lumpur Pavillion for Family Christmas Celebration. It is full with richness, luxury & majestic feeling.

Below is her review:
1. Mid Valley: Suitable for kids, Christmas Concepts is toys and play land. Catch cartoon characters around and take pictures with them ...
2. KLCC: Suitable for "pak toh" couples, white and pure Christmas Concept
3. The Curve: Nothing Much to see
4. Kuala Lumpur Pavillion: Rich, Majestic, Fun, Luxurious and most importantly, it's the only place in Malaysia that "SNOWS". Suitable for "pak toh" couples, family and photographers.

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