Sunday, September 12, 2010

Vblog#66: Johari Low, Group Chairman of Rockwills International

VBlog #66: Johari Low, Group Chairman of Rockwills International ... Rockwills Malaysia Will Writing Malaysia Estate Planing ... Malaysia Will Writing & Online Rockwills Estate Planning Professional Blog - 13 Sept , 2010 Evanna Video Interview Exclusively with Mr. Johari Low @ Malaysia's 1st International Estate Planning Conference @ Sunway Convention Centre

Speaker#2: Mr. Johari Low
Profile: Group Chairman of Rockwills International
Topics#2: Estate Planning for Multi-Millionaires

Q1: What is the definition of Multi-Millionaires or High Networth Individuals (HNI)
A1: HNI = people who has investable funs of more than USD 1 million

Q2: Why does HNI needs more comprehensive Estate Planning?
A2: The HNI cannot satisfy their needs by just simple WILL Writing. The needs on current families are more complex, we see lifestyle changes (spendthrift children), divorce rates higher, more family blend (cross cultural marriage), sibling rivalry, spousal influence, succession planning & globalization which lead to offshore investment or business. A lot of problems still remain unsolved by A WILL. You need to have a package of Estate Planning solution customized for HNI.

Q3: What are the Estate Planning Tools available?
A3: There is Insurance, Trust, Foundation, Power of Attorney, Buy-Sell Agreement, Offshore vehicles (for tax mitigation), Confidentiality.

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