Thursday, September 2, 2010

VBlog#61: Evanna Sings Lover's Tears . Rockwills Malaysia Will Writing Malaysia Estate Planning

VBlog #61:Evanna Sing Lover's Tears. Will to Charity. Rockwills Malaysia Will Writing Malaysia Estate Planing ... Malaysia Will Writing & Online Rockwills Estate Planning Professional Blog - 03 Sept , 2010 Evanna Video Blogs after viewing this astonishing videos on HOW a China Lover inherit 2.4 Billion thru a WILL (24亿遗嘱).

Videos are below:

This case is between a China lover of a deceased old man and his children.

In Malaysia, ONLY registered legal spouse can inherit estate. "Lover" or "Companion" CAN NOT inherit anything matter how many tears the lovers shed ... Protect your Lover with a WIll & Trust

我眼泪不会掉下来 掉下来

你不要忘了我情深 深如海
我眼泪不会掉下来 掉下来

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