Thursday, July 29, 2010

Vblog #38: MalaysiaWills CEO chats with As Salihin CEO, Mr. Aziz Islamic Will Writing & Estate Planning. Malaysia Will Writing & Estate Planning Blog

VBlog #38: Malaysia WIll Writing Agent and Rockwills Professional Estate Planning Agent Video Blog #38- July 28, 2010

Q1: History of As Salihin
A1: Operating since 2005 specifically focusing Islamic Will Writing and Estate Planning for Muslims.
PS> This is where the demands of MalaysiaWills muslim customer's needs will be met.

Q2: Products and Services
A1: We have many Estate Planning Tools and based on statistics, the favorites are Wasiat (Will Writing), Pri-Hibah (Declaration of Gift) and Harta Sepencarian (Matrimonial claim between Husband and Wife)

Q3: Where do general public get more info ?
A3: a. Interactive Q & A from Radio IKIM ( during the month of Fasting 2010
b. every Sunday in Berita Metro (18 July - 1 Sept 2010 only)

... To be CONTINUE in Part 2 ... Tune in tomorrow ...

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