Thursday, July 8, 2010

Vblog #26:Healthy Confinement Diet.Malaysia Will Writing & Estate Planning Blog

VBlog #26: Malaysia WIll Writing Agent and Rockwills Professional Estate Planning Agent Video Blog #26- July 9, 2010

Evanna Video Blogs and share on a Crushing Value - her confinement diet and confinement lady. In order to juggle between work, exercise & rest during Evanna's confinement, her "support system" is very important.
She made this video to thank her confinement lady, Auntie Shen Ping for a wonderful "day-night shift" support and cooking yummy healthy food.

Auntie Shen Ping is a 40+ Hainanese lady who lives with her family in Malacca. She is a very highly sought after confinement lady in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. Bookings is based on first come first serve basis. She is available thru phone ( HP#: +6017 603 0235). Just mention that you get to know her from viewing this video from "MalaysiaWills" so that she knows.
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