Thursday, May 27, 2010

VBlog #4: Malaysia WIll Writing Agent and Rockwills Professional Estate Planner Video Blog #4 - May 27, 2010

Part 2: Every Parents Concern - Well Being of their Children

Evanna video blogs while driving to receive an interview from Malaysia SME magazine. She talks about appointing guardian in will writing. There are two types, 1 is you can appoint 1 guardian and have a substitute (back up) guardian, 2 is you can appoint joint guardianship. For example if husband wants Mr. A to act as guardian, wife wants Ms. B to act as guardian. In this case, both Mr. A and Mr. B can act as joint guardian. Then for the husband and wife, they can write a term of endearment to the guardians stating that when conflicts arises, always have their children's benefit as their top priority.

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